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To Check Speaking Availability Contact:
Jamie (at) Nitty-Gritty-Guy.com

3523 McKinney Ave #251
Dallas TX 75204


  Business Presentations

Stress Management

Practical Stress Management for Real People - Reducing the Biggest Cause of Employee Turnover

In this innovative and humorous presentation, the staff and volunteers will learn:

  • How eliminating Stress as a tip is completely impractical for most people – and what can be done
  • Simple practical and powerful action steps anyone can take to easily reduce their stress
  • What can be done during times of low stress to help PREVENT future

Sample the Stress Management Workshop on DVD for $35

9 Simple, Easy, Practical Steps Even Busy People
Can Do For Effective Stress Management


One of my favorite quotes from Einstein.
You cannot solve the problem from the same level of thinking that created it.

Said another way
You created the current problems in your life with your level of thinking. Your current level of thinking cannot solve your problems in your life.

So if you have stress, your thinking created it. Therefore your thinking cannot solve it. You must find some outside thinking to help or some way to change your thinking to something different, so you can solve it.

That is exactly what the stress workshop DVD does. And now it is no longer a matter of not being able to, or not having simple things to handle stress, but simply taking small, easy action steps to manage the stress.

You will get the DVD, Power Point Slides, and action steps.
It is about 80 minutes long.

And when you are done watching the DVD, you will know the exact simple action steps to simply and easily reduce your stress levels.

Want to purchase the DVD? I can sell it for $25 including Free shipping& Handling in the US only .

Outside the US and want the DVD?
$35 including free global mail priority shipping and free handling.

PS. Interested in having the stress management workshop live at your workplace, group or organization?

If you are in Dallas, North Dakota, Hawaii, Denver or the Boulder area, or any place that has a warm sunny beach, send me an email and we may be able to set something up.

P.P.S. Just like everything I sell, I guarantee it for life. If you don’t like the Stress DVD or don’t think it will greatly reduce your stress, or you don’t think the steps will be easy to implement, or for any other reason, I will give you a full refund. Simple as that.

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5 Reasons Event Coordinators Love Booking Jamie Fettig!
Download Dr. Jamie’s Presentation Brochure Here
(Adobe Reader required, get it for free here)
Dr. Jamie's Talks are perfect for:
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Sales Training and Motivation
  • Seminars
  • Banquets
  • Commencement

  • Corporate meetings
  • Trips
  • Group or Organization Meetings
  • Leadership Training
And Any other functions where an outside speaker is brought in.
Jamie Fettig is well-prepared to motivate, educate, and energize you and all those who attend. Dr. Fettig is already a highly recognized leader in the Health and Wellness community. Charging into the college and business communities, Jamie will show you and the participants how to affect positive change in all areas of their lives.

Jamie Fettig
has made over 725 presentations worldwide.
No wonder he is considered one of the most requested keynote speakers on Health and Wellness related issues in America today!

Speaking Fees:
Free to $10,000 – depending on:

  • How long the presentation/training is
  • Where the presentation is (ND, CO, and Sunny Locations are Cheaper)
  • If expenses are paid (Fees are less)
  • If I can offer continuing education products (Fees are less)
  • If block booking is available (Fees are less)
  • If you are willing to promote me, the fee can be less
  • If you charge a door fee to the participants, the fee can be less.

Plus - Ask me how to get Free Books for your attendees

Every situation is different.
Call and we can discuss your specific situation.


All talks tailored to your specific organizations needs

I send out a questionnaire to each organization to find out about your specific needs, values and wants. What this means to you is a custom tailored program for your organization at no extra cost.