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  Magnetic Sales

Unconventional weapons and tactics for achieving record sales!

Boost your sales with the pros' proven strategies. Selling has never been easy. Today, it's tougher than ever. Budgets are tight, the competition is fierce, and the decision too often seems to come down to price. Despite the difficulties, some reps consistently get the leads, make the calls, and close the deals. They aren't worried about whether they'll make their sales quotas. That's guaranteed.

At this workshop you will master the techniques, approaches, and skills that separate the top 5% of sales reps from the pack. You will come away with everything you need to take your own sales to the next level and reap the returns you always hoped a sales career could provide.

If you're tired of struggling through cold calls with little success, if you spend too much time on accounts that go nowhere, or if you wish you could close more deals faster, this workshop is a must-attend event.

Who will benefit most?

  • Sales representatives
  • Account executives
  • Sales managers
  • Sales supervisors and team leaders
  • Account representatives
  • Anyone involved in the sales process

Key learning points:

  • Learn the 10 key characteristics that set apart "the best" from the rest
  • Implement strategies that turn prospects into clients
  • Send nonverbal messages that pull your clients in closer
  • Discover the success secrets of the top salespeople
  • Get 12 quick tips for instantly improving your prospecting success
  • Tailor your sales approach to the client's personality
  • Master value-added selling the key to keeping long-term clients

As a result of this training, you'll never again wonder ...

"How did the deal slip away? A hidden decision-maker suddenly put the deal on ice."

"How can I get more selling time with real prospects? Too much of my day is wasted on leads that go nowhere."

"How can I grow the account once I've taken the first order? I'm tired of losing out to the next rep who comes by with a lower price."

Program Overview

You won't believe the difference a day makes when it comes to building sales and morale. Here's a sampling of what you'll learn at this workshop:

  • How to recognize buying signals and act on them
  • Why the ability to summarize and gain agreement is so important
  • Strategies for negotiating smart approaches and skillful leverage
  • How to get responses to your voice mails and e-mails
  • "Killer" proposals, and what makes them so effective
  • Beyond features: how to show the real benefits of your product or service
  • How to stay in contact with customers who are not yet ready to buy
  • Ways to gently nudge the sales process forward without being pushy
  • What consistency tells customers about you and your company
  • The technique of using silence to advance the close
  • What to do after the sale to capture more business
  • The second most important thing your customers can give you
  • Your all-important personal introduction make it a "door opener"
  • A question list that reveals your customer's true needs (and opportunities for you)
  • Ways to differentiate yourself from every other sales representative
  • How to win business when you don't have the lowest pricing
  • Subtle signals you send with your handshake
  • How and why you should adapt your sales presentation to your customer's personality type
  • A personality inventory that helps you determine your best sales approach
  • Your most precious resource: selling time
  • The secret to turning cold calls into red-hot prospects
  • Before you open the prospect's door: self-talk that can make the difference between success and failure

Dr. Jamie Fettig