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Melissa's testimonial


Sue's testimonial


What others Just Like You had to say about my seminars and BodyTalk

Proof this seminar is for real, and not just hype
When I first got the information in the mail, I almost through it out, as I thought to myself, oh, just a bunch of American hype, but something compelled me to read it. BodyTalk and Dr. Jamie’s Seminar is informative, fun, easy to do, fun to learn, with plenty of practice time, and tools I can use. Dr. Jamie is an excellent presenter with lots of extra information. He really knows his stuff!
Isobel Fallone – crystalrevalations@hotmail.com

“When I first read the mail out I thought it was overstated BS, but looked interesting. Now I know, that BodyTalk looks more deeply and effectively at the human condition than anything else I’ve seen so far.” –Dr. Karl Weber, DC

This is not hype, it really works. I want to start a business, and now believe I can. Now I can make a difference for my loved ones. Brandy Miesko bmieske@yahoo.com

Medical Doctor
Your comprehensive approach, thorough knowledge and experience in both practicing and teaching, and your sparkling wit made the seminar thrilling and enjoyable. I am even more pleased now that I heard about Body Talk, and for me it is the way to go in helping everybody. I find this to be an exciting prospect, and infinitely more useful than what I previously did in general medicine and psychiatry. Dr. Derek Spark, MD - sparkle14@verizon.net


Dr. Linda Carter -Psychologist
With 20 years of exposure to the alternative health care field, BodyTalk is the greatest technique I have ever seen in terms of being an approach to working with people that involves, their body, emotions, and thoughts. I have been interested in BodyTalk also for myself, for my body mind and spirit. BodyTalk integrates very well with many other holistic techniques that I have learned. I know that I will be able to incorporate all the techniques with the BodyTalk System. I really appreciate having a framework from which to work. Jamie as a presenter was great. I really appreciated his sense of humor, his organization, and his ability to keep us all on track. I would definitely recommend BodyTalk and Dr. Jamie as an instructor.

Chiropractors Dr. Dennis Pick, chiropractor for over 30 years and diplomat in many techniques and systems had this to say after attending my seminar, “This was the BEST seminar I have taken in 30 years of practice and Jamie was the BEST! Thanks for Everything - Dr. Dennis Pick, D.C.

Jon and Steph Deitz [deitz2@bis.midco.net]
I've been using BodyTalk in my practice since August of 2003. I am changing the focus of my practice from a chiropractic wellness center to a BodyTalk wellness center.

“Jamie, I just wanted to write and thank you for an amazing seminar. I truly feel like I was just given the operation manual for each individual patient's body and how to help them reach optimal health. And you can quote me on that. My intuition is stronger than ever, since the seminar.”
Dr. Maryanne Kraft, DC, CVCP dcmkraft@hotmail.com

“I have been taking seminars for 23 years, and I feel Jamie is the best instructor I have ever had. Thank you.” Dr. Robert Good, D.C.

Jamie’s ability to communicate the material to us in an understanding way is great. He did a super Job!! I now can balance the body on many levels. Well Done, thank you for all the great work.
Dr. Doug Stakes, DC.

Finally, A complete system that addresses all aspects of achieving /improving health, with the flexibility to use on animals, and vindication that healing does not have to be complicated. Cheers for the practice tips, very helpful and very doable, which is refreshing.
Dr. Paul Dachary, DC P_dachary@hotmail.com

The format of the protocol is very logical, and more complete than any other system I know of, or have taken so far. Dr. Peter O’Dwyer, DC Podwyerchiro@ozemail.com.au

Physical Therapists
“I was very surprised by the way this has changed my perspective both in the clinical aspects and personal areas of my life. I have enjoyed this course and I expect incredible changes in my career after this course. Jamie, thanks for your teaching abilities,” Jody Reyerson

Registered Nurses
“I learned a protocol for the synthesis of the body, mind and spirit that I will really use. And I touched my toes for the first time in 10 years from the work done in the seminar on me.”
Carol Shantal cshantal@bigpond.com


The Positive Reinforcement of the classroom setting is great. The Practice tips are excellent. My confidence in my abilities to do BodyTalk are great. The fact that I got all this in 4 days is unbelievable. Renada Tyson, RN, PhD spared1@aol.com

I just got back from Modules 1 & 2 in Las Vegas with Dr. Jamie. It was AWESOME! If you ever get the chance to take a course from Jamie, do it! He spends a lot of time practicing and teaching the actual hands-on skills of BodyTalk and it was very helpful for me. Thanks so much for the great course you gave in Las Vegas Jamie. It was informative as well as entertaining! Julie Smith JulieSmithRN@msn.com

Acupuncturist Excellent! I don’t know why I waited so long to take this course, maybe it was so that I could take it with Dr. Fettig. Thank you! [I learned to] communicate with the body mind in a whole new light – like nothing you have ever seen before!” – Kim Gregory, Denver, CO

Massage Therapists Thanks for doing what you do Jamie! You are awesome and doing a great job, touching and enriching lives! Excellent Teaching method – repetition and review, especially suggesting the learning state, This is practical energy work that works. Your enthusiasm, smile and enlightened energy are great. Everything is possible every minute, nothing is static. Thank you Jamie.
Joanie Waller Joaniewaller@hotmail.com

Lay People – Non Professionals “The information contained in the seminar is excellent, and is both relevant and applicable to all people. [unlike most seminars] the 30-40% hands on actually makes a positive difference.” Glen Treeby


“The way Jamie instructs and teaches is the best, and I get a lot out of his seminars. He is very dynamic and exciting presenter. I have seen lots of presenters, and he is up there with the best. The people he attracts to his workshops are really, really high quality. Jamie was responsible for my renewed interest in BodyTalk. I had began to lose interest, and when I went to Jamie’s course, I was so excited and so interested and I couldn’t stop practicing on everyone I found, and now I have a complete love affair with BodyTalk.” – Sue Broughton – suebrought@hotmail.com

Monitoring solidified my confidence in suing the BodyTalk system to powerfully impact my life and the lives of others. The information was presented in a clear and effective manner with enthusiasm, providing momentum to go on to the advanced modules. Heather hdtmcqueen@juno.com

The relaxed atmosphere and Practice tips are great. The fact that we are surrendering to the innate wisdom, and the “burden” to heal people is gone. BodyTalk can address anything and everything, for the entire body, mind and spirit. Thanks for the tips on running a practice, they are great. Kathy Day


"Jamie has made the whole seminar come alive. He has been so simple and so clear, and I have been able to take away everything. You get teachers and you get teachers, this teacher talks and addresses all levels of students, and it is very easy to learn. The time flies. “ Cheryl Du Mèe – cadumee@ozemail.com.au


Now what about after the seminar? What others said, months, and even years after the seminar

I spent a few weeks learning the information as thoroughly as I could, practicing with local Bodytalkers, and with a professional practice group, invited by my own BT practitioner. Never did I doubt the efficacy of your teaching. I began inviting volunteers to practice on, and this has been extremely useful in aiding my learning. I have learned to get more consistent 'yes' and 'no' answers, and to use my intuition in addition. Let me say that your seminar was enjoyable and very useful. I am still completely sold on the usefulness of Body Talk. "Derek Spark" sparkle14@verizon.net

Dear Jamie, Your seminar was easy to understand and utilize the next day. After a week I was at ease with the Protocol Chart. I had one lady with a Tumor wrapped around the Aortic artery pushing under her stomach. She was not eating as every time she had a meal she was nauseous. After one BodyTalk treatment she ate a full breakfast the next morning with no problems. Every time she had a meal that week she was apprehensive. She wondered how long the treatment would last. It held. I am hoping that in 12 months the tumor will have reduced and disappeared. Best Wishes, John Bray jabray@clear.net.nz

Hi Jamie, My clients have enjoyed the results they have gotten (mostly of better over all health and less sleepless nights) with Body Talk. I am looking forward to taking your next seminar to see the changes and get more confidence in my technique. Thank you so much for keeping in touch with me it is the support I need. The investment is worth every penny. I treat my business like a business and get business results. I also teach those techniques to others in a seminar setting or a one on one. If people don't take their business seriously, they will look at the investment as too much $. It is a great investment in their business and should be looked at in that manner if they are a professional. Thank you Robin Savage, CR cowgirl@intergate.com

It was easy to do the body talk the first week after the seminar because I could remember the protocol. The day after the seminar, I received my dream job working in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit as a therapist. Guess what? This is what I am doing-tapping them out. I ask the questions and get the yes or no responses. Pretty cool. The seminar was great. Well worth every penny.
"Kathy Foley" iambaraka@hotmail.com

Well Jamie. Your seminar was certainly great! You certainly take care of your students and with a disk to take home so one can go over it, especially a person like me who is not as quick on uptake as others much younger than me, and not being a “professional health care person”. I am having very good results. The seminar was worth my time and money. Munawaroh English sinecera@nor.com.au

I found the seminars very enlightening. At first I had to get used to using B.T. and the hard part was explaining it to my clients. But I have been using it for over a year now and many clients are really benefiting and telling others. My favorite client suffered a severe brain injury in a motorcycle accident. I have watched him talk after working on him when they said he would never talk and to this day they can’t figure out how it happened. I saw his eyes come alive waking him from his coma. It made me a believer. Renee' Schmeling-Minnesota r_schmeling@yahoo.com

My ability to communicate better with the innate wisdom of the body is amazing. I now listen to this innate wisdom and do what it wants to help the body heal.
Ellen Domonceau Ellen.domonceau@hawaii.rr.com

This seminar opened up my eyes to the truly unlimited possibility of helping people heal.
Dr. Kough, DC doko@hbcl.com

I no longer have to impose my will on the client. Great job! Monique P Smith chimoni@hotmail.com

Thanks for an awesome class. I plan to use it a lot. Kay Tessmer@G2a.net

Other great reviews

“Jamie is conscientious and dedicated to making sure every person understands the philosophy and work of BodyTalk. Also, it is a great pleasure to meet Jamie. He has a brilliant mind, resilience, and great sense of humor. Thank you!” Christine Carlisle

This seminar put so many different modalities together. It lets the body decide what it wants. And the fact the body does NOT have to go through a healing crisis to heal is great. Kim Plant@ziplip.com

You are very good at explaining. Clear descriptions and perfect amount of repetition.
Verna Yurich V_yurich@msn.com

Great Class! Using the priorities of the innate wisdom to help people heal of anything is great, covering all areas of the body, mind, and spirit leading us to better health.
Juanita Coleman Juanita-health@msn.com

“As a psychiatrist and a practitioner of alternative medicine, I have spent the last few years scouring different seminars for a technique that would elegantly weave together the emotional and physical aspects of the pain and disease that regularly walks through my door.

BodyTalk goes far beyond the healing potentials than those of existing medical procedures and treatments. And that BodyTalk can aid greatly in augmenting many of not all existing medical approaches. Dr. Derek Spark, MD Sparkle14@verizon.net

Jamie was an excellent presenter. I will be chosing my future workshops based on him presenting. The techniques in BodyTalk are excellent and easy to implement and I can take my career anywhere as my new skill is carried with me. BodyTalk has addressed evertying which makes the need for other modalities not necessary. BodyTalk was the best seminar I have been to, and I have been to many. I am absolutely in aw of this technique Jereme - Jereme@bigpond.com.au


“Jamie is one of the best lecture’s in the BodyTalk system. He communicates very clearly and his techniques and explanations are very clear. Others I have talked to and myself feel very confident in doing and using the BodyTalk System from taking his seminar.” I have been sitting here for 8 hours for 4 days, the time flies past, you are awake, and you are ready for another 8 hours at the end.” Melissa Smith – Melissa@bodytalk.com.au

I went to the BodyTalk seminar after receiving BodyTalk sessions and the experience of them. When I got there, the information and bonus tips and material provided by Jamie made the seminar worth so much more than I paid. Jamie’s Vast knowledge is more than impressive. Healing really can be and is safe, simple, and non-invasive. BodyTalk makes it this. Sarah Macnaught – smacnaught@powerup.com.au

You are a great trainer. During my life I have had many, but your methods are up to date, and cover all types of learning styles. June Chippendale – theferngarden@bigpond.com.au

More People and what they said After the seminar

After the seminar, I practiced on everyone I could find for about 2 months. Some people would say some amazing things. My sister had a scar/adhesion from gallbladder surgery over 10 years ago. When I did the rubbing/tapping sequence her innate kept telling me it was still a priority. I had to repeat it about 5 times. About 2 weeks went by and my sister came over to show me: the scar had previously had a raised edge. It now looked as smooth as a stretch mark. But, she said that wasn't the best thing. She said that “inside" something had just "loosened up" and she no longer felt as thought something were pulling or stretching. It was way cool! Another friend who is in acupuncture school with me, told me that after the session, the next day, a decision she had been going back and forth on, suddenly became very clear and she "knew in her heart" what to do. "Kathleen Zamorano" zamotrans@hotmail.com

“After I took the seminar, BodyTalk was so easy to use, and I used it immediately the next day in practice. Dr. Jamie made the whole system so simple and easy. Here are only some of the results I saw right away in my patients ... mental clarity, attitude and emotional adjustments, skeletal adjustments, physiological improvements, and steps leading to overall health improvements. This seminar was one of the most profound seminars I have ever taken. It changed the way I practice forever. Knowing what I know now, I would have gladly paid two or three times the price of the seminar.
Lisa M.Kennedy,N.D,BnP,CBP drlisakennedy@yahoo.com

Dear Jamie,

I took your module 1 and 2 in Bismarck, ND in August of 2003. I am not a chiropractor or some other professional. I am a mom of 3 children, two of which are special needs children. My children have always seemed to be sickly especially my 10 year old. Every school year she misses lots school days because of illness. There was one year that she missed at least one whole week each month of the school year. However, this year I was armed with BodyTalk! This child missed her first day of school on April 29th this year!! At the first signs of illness of any kind I would do a session and usually whatever was coming never came. I also used BodyTalk on my husband and myself. When everyone around us were dropping out because of the flu we were fine and healthy.

Also, both of my older girls ages 10 and 12 have scoliosis. The oldest had x-rays showing 18 degrees of curvature. We started using BodyTalk and doing the reciprocals on a daily basis and 7 months later had another x-ray taken and her curve is down to 12 degrees. We are hopeful to get more improvement when we x-ray her again this fall. The 10 year old had an 8 degree curve and when rex-rayed the curve was no longer there.

Besides my family, I have been working with a few people in our community and had very amazing results. A mom brought her 10 month old baby to me who had a vomiting problem all its life and was not gaining weight. After a couple of sessions the baby stopped having any feeding difficulties and started to gain weight.

There are other stories but no time to type them. Frankly, the money I spent taking the seminar was certainly very well spent. Although I am not in a practice the local chiropractor does refer clients to me when he thinks I may be able to help but for the most part I did not take the seminar to make money but to help my family and that has been GREAT!!
Elizabeth Hanson, Rolla, ND

Hi Jamie I am doing great, and my practice is going well also. I have had excellent results in using the BodyTalk I learned in your modules 1 and 2 seminar. I was able to begin practicing and using the tools before the seminar was even over. The experience also encourage me to learn other modalities and to go back to school to learn osteopathic medicine this fall. The investment was worth every penny. I now using body talk with all my other healing work, including Reiki and hypnotherapy. I am excited to take even more modules, and would love to have you as a teacher again. The investment was well worth it! It is amazing how much I learned in such a short time! Dustin Sulak dsulak@indiana.edu

Hey Jamie - The results I have seen in practice since the seminar, are much greater results for every person I've used BT on. Easy to deliver and people are receptive. BT is so in depth and to the core, that even though the seminar was great and gave plenty of practice time, the next day in practice was not real easy. And as well, because there are so many modules, after module 1, there is stuff that shows that I still cannot apply because haven't been through that module. For me, that is the only real frustrating part of this technique. Yet, I have not come up with any helpful suggestions or solutions. Maybe there is no better way, yet...The value of this seminar is by far greater than the investment. Very reasonable for what you get. Dr. V Messer drmesser@cox.net

Your lectures are so clear. I am getting great results in the health centre. A man who had not worked for 3 years, he is a builder Drs put him on 15 month of Antibiotics and did not know what to do, also the alternative fraternity just gave him boxes of pills and potions which did nothing but take his money. He came for 6 days I have all sorts of other things besides BT but I know that Bt helped him the most. I got permission for a daily session. he cam back for a pep up last weekend. Whilst he was here on day 5 he climbed on the roof to fix a leak and cleaned out the gutters. On day 6 he mowed the long grass on a steep hill for several hours. What a great program you have. Jamie Fettig was wonderful with modules 1 and 2, When Jamie came back this time we also got for a very reasonable price a new module 1 manual and 3 more CD's for the new protocol a whole session and a final review. This is all great for his students, he looks very well after us. Kindest regards, Munawaroh English sinecera@nor.com.au

“This seminar helped me open my mind up to think more beyond my existing mind-set. BodyTalk goes deep into the Karma issues. During a session in class, Dr. Jamie came up with triggers and things I was already aware of, but had not told Jamie about, before he did the session on me. It was as if he knew what exactly was wrong, with out even asking me. It was the power of the innate wisdom, leading him to exactly what I needed to do to heal. It was amazing. Mary Chor - Marychor@hotmail.com

Being able to communicate with the innate wisdom, and the ability to perform BodyTalk and help others immediately after the seminar. I really enjoyed your examples. The marketing and support materials are great. Thanks for all your extra freebies, bonuses and practice tips.
John Andros – johnadnros@dodo.com.au


“I was able to Understand BodyTalk, use it with confidence, and was inspired to naturally use it. It is great and can is an affordable alternative to help people healthy." Morris Chrismon – chrismon880@hotmail.com

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