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To Check Speaking Availability Contact:
Jamie (at) Nitty-Gritty-Guy.com

3523 McKinney Ave #251
Dallas TX 75204


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5 Reasons Event Coordinators Love Booking Jamie Fettig!
Download Dr. Jamie’s Presentation Brochure Here
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Dr. Jamie's Talks are perfect for:
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Sales Training and Motivation
  • Seminars
  • Banquets
  • Commencement

  • Corporate meetings
  • Trips
  • Group or Organization Meetings
  • Leadership Training
And Any other functions where an outside speaker is brought in.

Jamie Fettig is well-prepared to motivate, educate, and energize you and all those who attend. Dr. Fettig is already a highly recognized leader in the Health and Wellness community. Charging into the college and business communities, Jamie will show you and the participants how to affect positive change in all areas of their lives.

Jamie Fettig
has made over 725 presentations worldwide.
No wonder he is considered one of the most requested keynote speakers on Health and Wellness related issues in America today!

Speaking Fees:
Free to $10,000 – depending on:

  • How long the presentation/training is
  • Where the presentation is (ND, CO, and Sunny Locations are Cheaper)
  • If expenses are paid (Fees are less)
  • If I can offer continuing education products (Fees are less)
  • If block booking is available (Fees are less)
  • If you are willing to promote me, the fee can be less
  • If you charge a door fee to the participants, the fee can be less.

Plus - Ask me how to get Free Books for your attendees

Every situation is different.
Call and we can discuss your specific situation.


All talks tailored to your specific organizations needs

I send out a questionnaire to each organization to find out about your specific needs, values and wants. What this means to you is a custom tailored program for your organization at no extra cost.


Energy Management - The Secret to Leadership, Teamwork, and
Positive Change in the Workplace
101 times more important than Time Management

60, 90 minute and 120 minute presentation.

Get ready to laugh, learn and be inspired!
This motivational, inspirational, humorous and high-energy message is ideal for an opening or closing session as it is sure to Refuel, Recharge and Reenergize your audience while reminding them of the true importance of taking action, Managing Your Energy and how it really influences the success of an organization and an individual.

Managing Energy, not time, is the key to high performance, results and personal renewal
Your Team will leave with practical, simple action steps they can easily do, to manage their energy, which will help them produce greater results in all areas of their lives.

Everyone knows that if a person has no energy, they do not perform very well.

If you know all the best sales techniques and ideas in the world, but have no energy to deliver them, you will not produce any results.

If you have no energy left over for your family or whatever else is important to you, other than work, you will not be at work very long.

So low energy in your team members means less results and high employee turnover.

With Your Team properly (and easily) managing their energy, it means better results, less turnover, and better team environment.


Running Scared - How to Eliminate Fear and Take action
The Secret to a Success - Action
90 minute and 120 minute presentation.

Get ready to laugh, learn and be inspired!
Many people have fear stopping them dead in their tracks. Whether it is sales professionals, students, employees, CEO’s, and more, They all can be paralyzed by fear.

This presentation helps people understand where their fear comes from, the patterns fear is running in their life currently, and the simple action steps to abolish fear and be in permanent action into the future.

  • Sales Professionals often have a fear of rejection (along with a lot of other people)
  • Students often have a fear of failure, fears around the opposite sex, fears of life after college
  • Employees have fears around their boss, standing out, because if they are too good of an employee, what will their coworkers think
  • CEO’s can often have fears of making the wrong decisions, or not being able to live up to the stockholders expectations.

Learn how you can not only be courageous and act despite the fear, but you can actually train yourself to eliminate fear all together. With taking action a natural byproduct.


Practical Stress Management for Real People
3 Secrets of Stress Management and Preventing Illness at Work and Home

And eliminating stressors in your life is NOT 1 of the 3 secrets

Motivational Keynote 60, 90, or 120 Minutes
*Jamie’s’ Most Popular Keynote Presentation

(Ideal for Any Conference Opening or Closing Session)

Whether you are dealing with prospects, customers, associates, clients, employees, employers, family members, relationships or personal issues, Stress is something we all have!

How do you eliminate your wife or husband?
How do you eliminate your kids? Your job? Money?

Most stress experts tell us to eliminate these things, the stress from our life. But that is practically impossible.

This workshop is about simple, practical steps that anyone can take to help reduce the stress they experience in life.


Power of Beliefs and ____________ (ex. Selling, Leadership,
Teamwork, Success, Optimum Performance, Healing, etc.)

Changing Your Results by Changing Your Beliefs
This program is Customized to Every Group

Mind Focused Keynote 60 or 90 Minutes

In this program, Jamie shares secrets that will help your audience to succeed and advance in area of their life. Most importantly, the area of life that relates to you.

Dr. Jamie will customize the program to your audience’s biggest concerns.

Because as we all know, your beliefs are what run your life. All the unconscious programming is driving our life and dictating the outcome we have.

And until you change the beliefs stored in your non-conscious mind, you will continue receiving exactly what you have now.

These powerful, yet easy-to-understand, strategies will lead your audience toward instantly achieving incredible success while elevating their life to the next level.

A must-see presentation, your audience members will love!

Watch Dr. Jamie Fettig in action
Sample Video

Wellness – Mother Natures Natural Cure™
How Wellness in the Workplace Improves Productivity and Happiness

Action Step Orientated Keynote 60, 90, or 120 Minutes

“How to Motivate and Inspire Yourself to be Well”

This motivational message will empower your audience to motivate and inspire themselves and others to Be Well.

But what does being well really mean?

Emotional Dimension will improve which means:

  • Happier more often
  • Less mood swings
  • Feeling better about life
  • Being more proactive and involved in life

Physical Dimension will Improve

  • Move towards your ideal weight
  • Have less aches and pains
  • Have more energy
  • Sleep less yet have more energy

Physiological/Spiritual Dimension will improve

  • Better Memory
  • Learn and Understand Ideas and Concepts quicker
Jamie presents effective and proven wellness strategies he developed from being chiropractor, author, and student of life. Your audience will see for themselves, with common sense, how simple and yet profound these strategies are. Your audience does not have to believe Jamie or some scientific study that could be skewed. They will know for themselves how true it is. Jamie empowers audiences to remember what Wellness Really Means.  

Optimum Performance - 7 Things to be Happier, Healthier and to
Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Presentation Speech 60 Minutes or 90 Minutes

Inspirational workshop 60, 90, 120, or 150 Minutes

This program is ideal for those wanting to create optimum performance from their mind and Body in Every area of their life. Dr. Jamie reveals his secrets that led him to be awarded The Most Common Sense Approach to optimum performance, while he was in practice helping people be well.

Anyone can be performing at optimum. But the question is, will everyone do the steps necessary?

The problem with most people’s plan is the impracticality and difficulty of it. They have so many things, steps, and ideas you have to follow, it is dang near impossible.

Your audience will learn the secrets for instantly attracting optimum performance, wellness, anti-aging; and unique and creative ways to make optimum performance easy and effortless.

And these will all be simple, easy, and practical steps your audience can implement immediately.


Jamie’s Valued Client List

  • Wellness Dimensions
  • Quantum Change Seminars
  • I-NLP
  • Masonic Center – Sydney Australia
  • New Hope Chiropractic
  • Inner Light
  • Dakota Eye Institute
  • St. Anthony’s Hospital
  • Café of Life Wellness Center
  • NCIS
  • ND Workforce Safety
  • ND public Accountants Association
  • And Many more
    (I just started keeping the list based on Speaker Matches Recommendation)
  Coordinator Testimonials

October 20, 2006

Jamie Fettig
ABC Deitz Wellness Center
2000 North 19 th Street
Bismarck, ND 58501

Dear Jamie:

I just wanted to thank you for presenting the Stress Workshops for our Clinic Staff. We appreciated the message and enjoyed it very much. We recommend it to other organizations, as well.

Melanie Beauchamp
HR Coordinator
Dakota Eye Institute


Wellness Dimensions 701-222-8322
1051 E. Interstate Ave Bismarck ND 58503

May 30 th, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

I cannot thank Dr. Fettig enough for what he has done for my practice.

In Feb. of 2006 when I started working with Dr. Fettig I was collecting, Lets say X dollars per month and seeing Y visits a week. When Dr. Fettig left in May of 2007, I was Collecting 4 times X and seeing 2 times Y Patient Visits a week.

The presentations Dr. Fettig did where key in helping me grow my business. People loved it, learned from it, and took action on it.

And with well educated patients, they refer more people, get better results and stay in care longer.

Dr. Fettig also had 2 key ads that he successfully ran in local media and routinely brought in 20+ NP every month.

My practice also skyrocketed because he combined all this with his system for getting 60-90% of the NP to commit to a years care plan, and pre-pay up front.

I cannot thank Dr. Fettig enough for all he has done for my practice. And more importantly, all he has done for the community and all those people who are now moving towards wellness.

Dr. Jonathan Deitz
Wellness Dimensions

  Participants Testimonials